New email notifications for accounts
Happy to announce that we've just released an update with brand new email templates for your account. This means that you'll receive more information-rich emails in regards to your account and payment is processed.
We'll be now sending the following emails:
  • One time payment success - you'll get this when you receive a one-time payment like payment request, payment link, and quick pay
  • Recurring payment success - you'll get this when a recurring payment goes through
  • Recurring payment failed - you'll get this when a recurring payment fails for a customer
  • Recurring payment canceled. - you'll get this as a confirmation when a customer recurring payment is canceled
  • Customer joined recurring payment - you'll get this when a new customer joins a recurring payment plan
Emails regarding recurring payments will now include the following information as well
  • Plan name
  • Plan amount
  • Plan frequency i.e every three months
  • Plan collection i.e on the last day of the month
  • Plan setup fee
  • Plan automatic cancellation
  • Number of total payments for customer