Batch payment requests
I'm pleased to announce that we released the ability to create bulk payment requests. All you have to do is simply upload a CSV file with your customers emails, currency, amount and description.
You can send up to 100 payment requests in a single batch file and enter multiple currencies within the same file all while giving you a robust review process so you have the confidence you're sending the correct amount to the correct people.
This feature is available on our unlimited plan however we're giving all pay as you go customers 5 free credits, they don't expire and only count towards batches that you actually approved and sent. Drafts do not count against this credit.
Passing more data into Stripe
I'm pleased to announce we've just released an improvement to our payments infrastructure and our connection with Stripe.
From now on all one-time payments will be linked to a customer directely in Stripe as well as SuperPay. This means that you'll be able to connect Stripe to Zapier or other services and extract data like their name and email from payments.
This feature is now available to all accounts and all new payments. Payments that have already processed will not be linked by all new ones going forward will automatically be linked.
Also to make it easier to find your customers, when we create the Stripe customer object for your customers in SuperPay you'll also find a new
View in Stripe
link available on the customer page for easy one-click access to the customer in Stripe.
Toggle on/off the emails you receive from us
From a new tab in your settings page, you can toggle on/off the emails you get from us. Access the new settings page here:
You can toggle the following emails:
  • One time payment received
  • Recurring payment joined
  • Recurring payment received
  • Recurring payment canceled
  • Recurring payment failed
New email notifications for accounts
Happy to announce that we've just released an update with brand new email templates for your account. This means that you'll receive more information-rich emails in regards to your account and payment is processed.
We'll be now sending the following emails:
  • One time payment success - you'll get this when you receive a one-time payment like payment request, payment link, and quick pay
  • Recurring payment success - you'll get this when a recurring payment goes through
  • Recurring payment failed - you'll get this when a recurring payment fails for a customer
  • Recurring payment canceled. - you'll get this as a confirmation when a customer recurring payment is canceled
  • Customer joined recurring payment - you'll get this when a new customer joins a recurring payment plan
Emails regarding recurring payments will now include the following information as well
  • Plan name
  • Plan amount
  • Plan frequency i.e every three months
  • Plan collection i.e on the last day of the month
  • Plan setup fee
  • Plan automatic cancellation
  • Number of total payments for customer
All payment links now start with the domain
Effective immediately all payment links (Payment requests, Payment links, Quick pay and Payment plans) will now start with the domain.
This does not change anything with how you use them. It's simply an aesthetic change so when you send a link to your customers they see a domain instead of
No action is required from your end and we'll manage all the redirects and updating of links.
Improved payment pages on larger screens and mobile devices
Ability to export payments to CSV
You're now able to export all your payments to a CSV file. Just head over to the
page and hit the export button to the right-hand side of the page.
Our custom branding feature is now available for all
You can now:
  • Add your own logo
  • Add custom CSS
Simplified look for Quick Pay
We've simplified our Quick Pay pages by removing unnecessary text and increasing the size of your account name
Add custom branding to your payment pages
You are now able to add the following customisations to your payment pages:
  • Add your own logo
  • Disable any SuperPay branding
  • Disable the 'Secure payments' banner
  • Add your own custom CSS
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